Where would I go for reliable windows iso?


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So long story short, I have misplaced my USB key with my copy of Windows 7... 5 years ago. Looking online I'm only really seeing Microsoft coming up as a legit source tho my old key does not allow me to access the relevant section. Where does one go for reliable Iso?

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If you have a desktop or laptop that was (or is) running Windows 7 of any variety - you can use the OEM key from that device to obtain the ISO from Microsoft. The key should be on a label on the device. If there is no label, and it has a Windows 7 sticker on it - it used a SLIC for the licensing - there are tools you can use to extract the key from a SLIC install as well. We used to have MSDN whcih had the ISOs available easily, and then we had Microsoft TechBench. Both of these have been discontinued, sadly.

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I believe my key is enterprise which is why it's not letting me access the part of the website for download. Contacting support ATM, so hope it goes well.


Edit: and predictably, did not get an iso, think I have another key I can try but otherwise guess I'll have to make do with 10, that or hunt usb key

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You can get an iso from microsoft without a license.  you can even use it legally.  without an activated install you wont be able to customize the interface or get tech support, but ms will allow you to use an unlicensed copy.  In my process of moving a physical pc onto my server, i will be using the unlicensed copy of windows to run what i need on that VM.

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