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How to add a USB-Switch ?

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Is there some way to add a USB-Switch to unraid so that I can use the same keyboard/mouse to all my VM's ?

I tried connecting the keyboard/mouse to my switch and just plugged it in and it worked directly my WIN 10 VM. But as soon as I switched input the VM froze and I had to reboot my entire server to get it running again.

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You need each VM to have its own USB controller passed through for that to work.

Most KVM switches are physical switches i.e. it's equivalent to plugging and unplugging so you need to manually replug it in the software (e.g. using the Libvirt hotplug USB plugin).


My 2 main VM's have one of the 2 onboard controllers passed through and I'm able to switch the same keyboard and mouse between them with a cheapo Ugreen switch.

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If you already have separate monitors for each vm, you could try something like Synergy https://symless.com/synergy


It is a software that allows you to use the same keyboard and mouse across multiple computer. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work across VMs.

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