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I want to re-purpose my old PC based on an AMD FX-8350 CPU as a file server for daily backups of my media storage. The mainboard is a Gigbyte GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 3.0) which comes with a Realtek onboard NIC. I donwloaded Unraid (6.8.3), installed it onto a USB flash drive and successfully booted the server. But no matter what I do I cannot get a network connection (neither by using automatic setup nor by setting a static IP) . There is an error message at the bottom of the screen (I use a dedicated monitor to set up the server) saying: "Interface Ethernet Port 0 is down. Check cable!" So far I've tried 3 different network cables as well as different ports on different switches but these are definitely not the issue here. Help would be highly appreciated as I would love to use Unraid for my file server. To facilitate troubleshooting I've attached the diagnostic files...

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Whats further confusing is the fact that this is a very old mainboard so the drivers for it have long been incorporated into the Linux kernel. I myself have successfully run Linux Mint as well as Fedora on this mainboard without any issues.

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Update: I tried the latest Beta (6.9.0 beta 1) and this one works perfectly (with and without bonding).


Is the beta stable enough for a personal file server that primarily serves for daily backups? It's not the only backup, I've got several external HDD's with images of my drives that I update on a monthly basis plus there is another HDD with my most important data in a drawer at the office, this one is updated every two - three months.

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