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I moved a drive from unassigned devices that I was no longer using to my array as i needed some additional space urgently. The drive precleared without issue and i've tried twice now to format the drive on the array and it claims it starts, but the unraid GUI gets stuck in a funny state (can't look at logs, it claims the array isn't started, but it is, no stats update) and it just never formats the drive. I can reboot and everything goes back to normal, but the drive still isn't formatted. Not sure how else to proceed. I've attached my diag, but I don't see anything in the logs that i'm familiar with that indicate what the issue. The disk i'm adding is disk 13. also, I am currently running 6.8.2.


Thanks for any assistance/guidance anyone can provide.

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Weird error, and one I've never seen before:

Mar 14 07:35:01 Hoofs emhttpd: unmountable_mask not found
Mar 14 07:35:01 Hoofs kernel: emhttpd[28803]: segfault at 0 ip 000014cff73c7006 sp 000014cff7148e70 error 4 in[14cff73a2000+16b000]
Mar 14 07:35:01 Hoofs kernel: Code: 41 54 45 31 e4 55 53 48 83 ec 28 48 89 74 24 08 85 c9 0f 85 e4 02 00 00 83 fa 01 0f 84 83 01 00 00 83 fa 24 0f 87 7a 01 00 00 <49> 0f be 45 00 49 8b 70 68 4c 89 eb 48 89 c1 f6 44 46 01 20 74 17

Try booting in safe mode to rule out any plugin interference..

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On 3/14/2020 at 6:34 PM, Tweak3D said:

spoke too soon, found the issue. Cache Directories was causing the issue even in safe mode oddly enough. I noted an error referencing the old drives share and removed it and now it formatted as expected.

Can you provide the exact solution for this error?


I had the exact same problem today, also with disk 13.


The only thing that helped me after a reboot was to disable the VM Manager and the Docker function.
After that I could format the hard disk and boot everything back to normal.

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