NVMe driver spamming syslog with "completion polled"

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Attached are diagnostics and syslogs. Seems to me like the NVMe drive I attached today has some sort of issue. Mover seems to be taking an awful long time as well because of this, as well as there being general slowdowns on my dockers. The NVMe drive is attached with a PCIe to SFF-8482 adapter that came with when I bought it on eBay. Not sure if this is because of a bad drive, bad adapter or some incompatibility with unraid/linux/whatever! Would love some help.

srvunraid-syslog-20200314-2016.zip srvunraid-diagnostics-20200314-2116.zip

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9 hours ago, johnnie.black said:

Then it's most likely device related, do you have a different NVMe device you could test with?

Not one that communicates over U.2 and I have no M.2 slots as of now, I actually have a ASUS Hyper M.2 card on the way and will transfer two NVMe SSDs into that soon and will test then. For now that drive is sitting idle.


 I think it's a driver issue, as this is probably not an ssd anybody else has been using on unraid. Found some drivers on the huawei website, and I heard limetech could include them in the next version of Unraid if I pop them an email, but I'm not sure about Linux drivers and distros and such, so I don't know if these drivers would work with Unraid or not. 


Linux drivers for Huawei es3000 v3 SSDs

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