How can I point Deluge to download movies to the /mnt/disk1/Movies folder immediately for Plex?

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Hi! I recently replaced my Ubuntu with unRAID and I would like to use Deluge to download movies directly to their folders but I don't really know the way to do it. I changed the download folder in deluge but it doesn't start downloading it and in the bottom right corner next to the disk icon, it says: Error


What else should I change to be able to download Movies/Shows directly to their folders on /mnt/disk1?


I have shares as well where the users can read/write. I tried Public and Secure as well but nothing


Thank you in advance for your help!

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It's working, thank you very much! Now I have problems within Deluge. I would like to use it with a client from my Mac, so I have to add a user to auth file in deluge's configs but if I add one, the docker will start but will not load its page but it doesn't belong to here.

Thank you again!

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