[6.8.3] Shares GIU doesn't see drives above disk9 [Solved]

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Added some drives (xfs encrypted) and added them in slots 10,11,12.  Disk 7 was the highest slot in use.  FWIW slots 4, 8, and 9 were empty.


After a reboot, the user shares tab in the GUI did not list any drives above disk 7 as available for inclusion in the share.  So I stopped the array, and moved one of those new drives back to an empty lower slot (disk4) and restarted the array, and the shares GUI sees it and created a share on it. 


I even tried manually editing one of the share .cfg files as a test to include one of the new drives (disk12) and it would still not see it in the GUI.


I added an unencrypted test drive at disk13 and formatted it, and created some files/directories on it, restarted the array and same problem.


Image and Diagnostics attached.





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