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15 minutes ago, bucky2076 said:

I would love to get this working while keeping letencrypt nginx proxy docker acting as a front end.

I have my jitsi stack on one unraid server and my letsencrypt is running on my main server. It's not that difficult to divorce.

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Here is a video guide for setting up Jitsi  

@SpaceInvaderOne I think we have an idea for your next video 😬

Anyone looking at doing a Jitsi docker for UnRaid?   https://jitsi.org/  

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hi johnathan,

your comment gave me reason to continue some investigation. After doing a bit more tinkering....


The jitsi VM is an ubuntu server vm, located on the same unraid server as the docker containers. Unraid networking was not able to route internally between the VM and the docker LE bridge network. That was a showstopper for me unfortunately, so licking my wounds and retreating for the moment. As a temporary measure, I am using custom external ports for jitsi, (81:444), and directing the router to forward directly to the VM without  using LE as the gateway.


many thanks,




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hi! guys i got this error on jitsi please help me out i just follow all the instruction and works on the web but always disconnect and says websocket error when i inspect and console and in the swag log here it says: nginx: [emerg] host not found in upstream "xmpp.meet.jitsi" in /config/nginx/proxy-confs/jitsimeet.subdomain.conf:22........ thank you @SpaceInvaderOne more power to you and to all you guys...

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