Squid is 50!


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Hi everyone:

I am Squids wife. I just wanted everyone to know he will be 50 on Sunday March 22nd, If you all can wish him a happy birthday that would be great.Due to Covid 19 - no party.


Thanks Tracey

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Thanks guys.  This wasn't exactly what I expected to see when I woke up this morning :)   Serves me right I guess for not password protecting my desktop.  At least she didn't make me wear Moose Antlers or a Sombrero....


And of course Happy Birthday @saarg

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@Squid - Obviously I don't know you personally, but Happy Birthday anyway, and thanks for all that you do for the community.  It is very much appreciated.  Would love to see a pic including moose antlers... 

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One day (definitely not today), I anticipate actually acting like I'm not in my 20's.  I'm sure my wife would appreciate that, but it does put me into a quandary as the

6 hours ago, binhex said:

its just a number, just keep chanting that

hasn't been really working too well, and have already been doing that for the last 3 months.

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