USB Drive Failing - What data do I need?

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My server was running, and Plex was working but I could no longer move files to the drives.  Then I logged into the Tower and a few errors came up to do with the USB drive.  I tried to update to 6.8.3 and it would fail out.  My first step was to reboot, and since then the old USB drive would not restart.  So I removed it and put in my laptop and Windows thinks there is something wrong with it, but ignoring that I was able to view the contents and copy them to my desktop.


I downloaded and created a new USB drive and the system boots up fine.  Initially I (with no knowledge of what to copy) copied the entire Config folder over and the Boot files on the newly created drive and tried again, again with success and I could see my shares and assigned drives, so that was good.  Only the need for a new Key was stopping me from getting it back up.


What I want to know is what do I need to actually copy over, and what should I avoid.  I reformatted the USB again and I only want to copy what I need to, so I have my drive setup and shares.  I can reinstall the docker stuff myself.  I am under the impression that its better to keep the majority of the newly created files as I don't know which ones may have been corrupted from my old USB drive.



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