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I'm currently running the Nextcloud docker container in combination with a mariadb database and the letsencrypt container as a reverse proxy (all the mentioned containers are the linuxserver ones). Everything is running smoothly so far and in order to keep it that way I'd like to frequently backup the configuration of the mentioned containers.


Are there any apps you can recommend for this purpose? Or is it enough to simply backup the corresponding appdata folders? If this is indeed all it takes it leads me to my next question: The appdata folders for Nextcloud and mariadb are both located in the cache so I could probably simply backup that directory right (from the cache)? But the letsencrypt container writes its data to the storage array with the caching method of the appdata share being set to prefer. In theory this should mean that the data is also exclusively located in the cache (the mover runs daily) or do I have to backup the appdata folder of the array too?


In case of a disaster: Would it be enough to restore the appdata folders and restart the corresponding containers to restore the services tho their former state?


Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated.

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Ok I found out about the CA Backup plugin. If I use it to backup the appdata share as well as the USB drive does this cover me in case of dataloss? I'm still talking about the configuration of the docker containers for nextcloud, letsencrypt and mariadb. The actual data on the server has already been taken care of.

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I don't know about NextCloud, but while the CA Backup tool is sweet and i think does what you want, you should ideally look at off-site backups too (or at least off the device and safely stored elsewhere). In case your computer fries your array, or your device is stolen.


With luck, my comment bumps your thread and someone who knows more about Dockers/NextCloud helps out :)


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Hi there. Did you tried using the CA backup to restore a docker?

the disaster you were talking about happened to me. I deleted the Nextcloud docker accidentally. I have a backup. Do you think the restore will get all the set up correctly as before. 

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