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Missing something - Replacing Parity and Adding Old Parity to Array

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I feel as though this should be more simple than it's proving itself to be. I am a new user and will explain my existing situation. There are a few causes that I am assuming are the case, so I am looking for validation or direction if I am doing this wrong. 


Initial Setup : Began my Unraid server with 2 500 GB SSDs as a single 1 TB cache pool. I had two 6 TB WD Red drives that were precleared twice 1 set up as parity and one as Disk 1. I have a 3TB WD RED in my PC that is storing my media, so I transferred that data to an external 10 TB WD Easystore. I then used Krusader to transfer the data from the external 10 TB to Disk 1. Shucked the 10 TB to put into the server as the new parity disk.  


Naming Key: 6 TB Parity (WLR), 6 TB Disk 1 (3JR), 10 TB Easystore (4NZ)

Server: Dell r720 Poweredge with H310 Mini, Flashed to IT mode


Where I am at now: I precleared the 10 TB drive 1 time (52 hours) and also did 1 extended SMART test, maybe 24 hours or so (putting this drive at approximately 100+ hours of use since I got some use out of it prior to it being precleared, when it was still in case). There were no issues reported from each of these. Here is what I did next:


  • Stop array
  • Move Parity to "No Device" (WLR went to unassigned)
  • Assigned 4NZ to Parity
  • Only got the "Copy" option, when I moved Disk 1 to not assigned (moving 3JR) to Unassigned, and put WLR as Disk 1.  This gave me the option to "copy" parity data from the 6 TB to the 10 TB. I could not add 3JR back to the Disks until the copy was done. 
  • Copy started (taking approx. 12-15 hours) but then did not seem to take. Did it a second time, took about the same amount of time, and did not seem to take. 

I can't seem to get to a point where I can rebuild the array after any copy sessions proving that the parity data is in fact on 4NZ. I cannot put WLR back into the array to rebuild with 3JR.  The only things that look like I could do something is when 4NZ and WLR are in Parity and Disk 1 respectively. I can't even start the array back up with the original configuration of the 2 6 TB drives.  


*A note should be made that I have not put any Kapton tape on the 10 TB fixing the 3.3 v issue. Would that have popped up in the preclear or SMART tests, or is it in fact affecting the actual copy procedure (I have seen the copy procedure at 90+% completed before falling asleep to wake up and find that it did not complete overnight). If this is in fact the case, I plan on fixing this issue, but still am curious as to why it didnt affect any of the preclear or SMART tests, since I do know of some that have just put these shucked drives into their servers with no issue. 


I have included the lastest SMART reports, as well as some screenshots with variations of drive placement, including the original configuration in the current state of not being able to start the array. 


Thank you for your help and patience getting me through this!




WDC_WD100EMAZ-00WJTA0_1EGLD4NZ-20200323-0732.txt WDC_WD6003FFBX-68MU3N0_V8JGB3JR-20200323-0307.txt WDC_WD6003FFBX-68MU3N0_V8JGKWLR-20200323-0733.txt

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In future, go to Tools-diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics zip file to your NEXT post. It includes SMART for all attached disks, syslog, and many other things that give us a more complete understanding of your situation. 


There was really no need to follow the more complicated parity swap procedure since you had no failed disks. 


You could have just replaced and rebuilt parity, then added the old parity to a new data slot and let it clear then format it. 


But, this way will be even faster. 


Just go to Tools - New Config, assign all disks as you want them, and rebuild parity. It should show only the new data (old parity) as needing formatting.


Let us know if any problems or questions.

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Thanks, that is very helpful. Noted on adding the full Diagnostics zip. Was trying to get as much info in your hands as possible, realized I created more work!


I have started this process and will report back if anything happens within the 12 hour rebuild timeframe. 

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