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No shares available - solved

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I'm new to unraid and just installed 6.8.3. after setting up my User shares, all was fine until the next morning. logging into the GUI, i get 'no exportable user shares' and i can't browse them via file explorer. After a reboot, everthing is fine, until the next morning. i've also booted up in 'safe mode' with no plugins, no GUI. everything is fine, until the next morning. The array is always online. Is there a process that is running overnight that is taking these shares offline?

Thank you! 


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Have you ever formatted the cache drive?  It's showing that it's not formatted

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Your cache is unmountable. You should see that very clearly in Main - Cache Devices.

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Thanks everyone! i appreciated the good advice and fast response. That was it. The Formatting of the cache drive was a little confusing since i couldn't use the 'Format' button right next to the SSD itself. i found another post, that showed that you had to add the drive to the "Cache Devices" first, and then select format from lower on the page. Thanks again!

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