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Your server has detected hardware errors post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forum

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Hi yall,


My server was running great up until yesterday. I have been running BOINC the past few days to try and help out and it seemed to be running fine. I woke up yesterday and noticed it had restarted over night and my cache drive had been corrupted. I tried to mount the drive so I could attempt to recover my appdata but the drive would not mount. I tried the check recover command but it returned a bad superblock error. When I first setup my server I installed the CA appdata backup plugin but my dumb ass forgot to set it up so i just admitted defeat and reformatted the drive. I then received the hardware error notification from Fix Common Problems so I restarted my machine, and set the CPU and Ram to stock clocks. I ran Memtest overnight and got through 5 passes with no errors. I figured that was good enough so I booted into Unraid and started to reinstall my dockers. As I was configuring Plex my machine rebooted on its own and now i have the same hardware error notification.


Attached is the diagnostic file from after the first reboot and the file with the current error.


Thanks for your help!

tower-diagnostics-20200323-0935.zip tower-diagnostics-20200324-1642.zip

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Some combinations of hardware (cpu / motherboard) will issue a MCE when initializing the CPUs at boot up time (Anecdotally, I've also determined that this can also be caused by ignoring your wife telling you to pick up your socks).


This is normal, and is what you're seeing, and safe to ignore (on the MCE being issued).  But, the ryzen tweaks / fixes linked above still need to be handled.

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