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Transfer file speed crashed, with no system or UnRaid changes

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Hi Everyone,

I all of a sudden had a file transfer speed drop from 112Mb/s and now is down to 10Mb/s with no changes to my system.

No power issues as is on a UPS, with no log errors. My other 2x Towers are running at full speed transfers with no slow downs on the same UPS..

Am running 6.7.2.

Diagnostic was taken when a file was transfered to disk 11. 

Transfer to any disk is exactly the same speed reduction.


I have powered down the Tower3, unplugged, reset the entire network switches and modem.


Attached a diagnostic file.

Appreciate any help or advice.


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20 minutes ago, HK-Steve said:

Diagnostic was taken when a file was transfered to disk 11. 

There are no writes to any disk when the diags were saved, maybe it was still being cached to RAM, you can do a network test with iperf.

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Thanks Johnnie, I tried to run iperf but following SpaceInvaderOne video I could not install.
I really am not a linux command person, sorry.


Will try to get a speed for you. Searching now for info 

All 3x of my Towers sit on the same UPS, and same network switch, right next to each other. is weird.


Much appreciated


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Both Tower 2 and 3 are exactly the same motherboard, cpu. Ram is 32Gb Tower3, 16Gb in Tower2


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So I changed the network cable, port on the 8 port network switch.
Changed the network switch still the same speed.


Tomorrow will try a pci-e network card and see what changes

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