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Tweaks behind the scenes. Just a bad idea?

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I assume making behind-the-scenes tweaks is unsupported and generally a bad thing to do right?


What I'd like to do is configure unraid to be used as webdav server to store off-site backups for a few clients.  They are currently using Synology NAS as webdav based targets but I'd like to move at least two of them to unraid so they can take advantage of unraid's features.  They are currently maxed out with their Synology capacity and I'll either need to get bigger Synology boxes or get unraid working.


I don't see any plugins that will do just do webdav.  I could do ownCloud or nextcloud but both bring an awful lot of extra 'baggage' that is unneeded for a basic webdav backup target.  The backup package handles encryption and de-duplication before sending the data to the webdav target.


Can I or should I go behind the scenes and enable apache with webdav to avoid the extra baggage of ownCloud and nextcloud?  


Thanks for you thoughts! 

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Google "docker hub webdav" has a number of results. Don't know if any will work for you or not. You can use dockers that aren't listed on the Apps page.

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3 hours ago, greer1999 said:

Oh, great, I didn't realize I could use 'other' dockers.  I'll see what I can find.



The trick is understanding how to fill out the Add Container page based on whatever documentation might exist for those dockers "out in the wild". The Add Container page is just a form for filling in the parameters of the docker run command so see if you can figure it out and if you find one that looks promising maybe we can help you get it setup on your Unraid.

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Found one and was able to get the 'parameters' set correctly and it seems to work so far.  I've got a bit of learning curve on containers and persistent storage.  Looks good so far.


I've used Unraid for years but only for use as a media server - first stab at containers.


I'll post back if I run into trouble and how it finally works out.


Thanks again for quick responses!



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