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Help installing Nextcloud

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Hello Everyone!


I'm trying to get Nextcloud installed on my server, and I was following Spaceinvader One's YouTube video; How to Setup Nextcloud on unRAID for your Own Personal Cloud Storage ... but I keep running into an error/problem I'm hoping someone can help me with.


This a copy of the comment I left in that video;


@Spaceinvader One I really want to thank you again for the content and help you provide! I'm hoping you or someone can help me, @8:00 when you say 'click finish' (on setting up the Nextcloud admin account) that's about where I run into problems. I'm certain I'm following your instructions correctly, however, this is a screenshot of what I get every time I click 'Finish'; https://photos.app.goo.gl/ghYTCL5psu9yBvFu9 I've tried changing the 'User Name' for the Nextcloud admin acct a couple times, thinking; maybe it doesn't like capitols, maybe it doesn't like special characters, etc. ??? What I don't understand is I didn't use 'YES' for my password ... I used a complex password, but every time in the screenshot it says 'password: YES'. Does anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong??


Thank you for all your help!!!



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