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Disk failed pre-read and now does not show up

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Total Unraid noob here, so please be gentle.


I just got Unraid (V6.8.3) installed and running last night. I have 3, brand new 16TB Seagate Ironwolf Pros and a Samsung Evo 970 Plus M.2 SSD installed in my AMD build. I ran Preclear on all disks; the SSD passed with no problems and 2 of the Seagates are still running (still in pre-read). I got a notification this morning that one of the Seagates failed Preclear and now doesn't show up as a recognized device. I downloaded all diagnostics and the Syslogs are attached. Let me know if there is any other info i can provide.


Please help... The drive is still under warranty and can return it.


Thanks in advance.


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Disk sdd dropped offline and reconnected as sde now, check/replace cables and try again.


Next time please post the complete diagnostics, much more info, including SMART reports.



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7 minutes ago, pollocksa said:

I downloaded all diagnostics

You should have posted the zip file. Just wanted to clarify since we don't want you to post all the files in the zip. Just the zip itself, exactly as downloaded.

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5 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

check/replace cables and try again.


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Wifey is in our office doing real work... I'll check on it shortly and get back. Thank you for the speedy responses.

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So... I have an LSI 9201 16i HBA and I have a have 4-port mini SAS to SATA cable plugged into the 3 Seagates. After some troubleshooting, it looks like one of the cables/connectors is to blame as the system will not recognize any drive its plugged into.


Thanks for your help.


Problem resolved.

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