Disc Read Errors - Advice Needed

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Hello Community,


I have read errors on one of my disks.  I have attached the SMART report (ran the short version) which shows no errors.  Also attached the system log that does show the disk error. 


1.  Should I be concerned?

2.  Actions to take?


I am somewhat challenged to put my hands on my server, as I am in the USA and my server is in my house in China (yes, I am a Covid refugee).  I am accessing my server using Zero Tier.


Thanks for the advice.





hal-9000-smart-20200330-2223.zip hal-9000-syslog-20200330-1435.zip

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Im having a similar issue at the moment. I had some power outages in my house this week and found out my UPS battery had kicked the bucket so the PC would go down. When started, it would automatically go into parity check. last one completed and found/corrected 6k+ errors.
But since yesterday, it started doing a Parity sync again and within a few hours, one of my array drives will "unmount" and i get a "Disc1 has read errors" and they continue to increase in count as the sync goes on.

Today I stopped the sync, stopped the array (as soon as i do that, the disc returns to normal) and started it in maintenance mode. Currently running a extended smart test on the drive as a short one passed but some of the posts Ive read thru suggest to do an extended one.
What should I look into or do next. Ahead of time, Im fairly new to Unraid. As soon as the test completes, I'll post the results

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23 minutes ago, ShangHangin said:

I have a disk with UDMA CRC error count warning.

CRC errors are a connection problem, most times the SATA cable, but it can also be the controller, backplane, etc, start by replacing the SATA cable, and note that the attribute doesn't reset, so as long as it doesn't keep increasing the problem is solved.

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