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Upgrade: New CPU or New Controller?

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Hi All


This is more a question to the people who are running Unraid for a much longer time than me! 😉


So normally I manage to work with the files before they are moved from my Cache to the Array during the night

But today I wanted to move some files (Yes I have set up the rootshare so I don't know why its moving any data across the array?)


Anyway I got speed like these:


Update the went up after 30min.... to around 88 MB/s still the drives supports Max sustained speed of 210 MB/s


Moving files from a 10T Seagate Ironwolf enterprise "drive 8" to my Cache drive (MM2_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_2TB_S4J4NG0M919326F)



So I was thinking my system might need a faster controller? - 12 Gb/s I have the slot to support it?

And it would be able to run all 24 drives not just the 16 on this controller


My system specs:

  • MB - Gigabyte C246-WU4
  • CPU - Intel’s Xeon E-2176G
  • GPU - NVIDIA  Quadro P2000 (Plex/Emby)
  • RAM - 64G Crucial - DDR4 - ECC DIMM 288-PIN -2666 MHz  PC4-21300 -CL19
  • LAN: 2 On Board + Intel Pro 1000 VT Quad Port NIC (EXPI9404VTG1P20)
  • Controller: LSI Logic SAS 9201-16i PCI-e 2.0 x8 SAS 6Gbs HBA Card (Orig. old server controller not chinese one) 
  • The rest of the drives are using the Sata MB controller: 10 x Sata III 6 Gb/s



  • Cache - Samsung 2tb M.2 (MM2_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_2TB_S4J4NG0M919326F)
  • IronWolf 10TB
  • Seagate Exos X14 12TB
  • HP 3TB (7200 drives model: MB3000ECWLQ) few left to be replaced....


So would I benefit from buying the SAS 9305-24i Host Bus Adapter?


During running the Mover and running all the dockers and 1-2 VM's I can see that the CPU load is pretty high

Also I cant even open the LOG terminal on Unraid during any Mover running? is this normal?



Normal CPU load is between 15-50%:



Update: I think the high CPU is caused by the Plex docker doing Thumbnails and Metadata? (Killing it and things seems to go back to normal) 


So maybe spending the same money on a bigger CPU? Intel® Xeon® E-2288G Processor

(I really like the ratio of power consumption vs cores on the one I have its 95W on the above new one and only 80W but again you cant really count on these!!!)


So upgrading the CPU or the Controller?


As always your input and knowledge is much appreciated










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Not sure the controller replacement will make a big difference

So going with the CPU upgrade...

Anyone in this forum who have some experience with this CPU?

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