Parity disabled - but passed check

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Hello, when I turned on my server this morning nothing seemed wrong at first. But when I went in to check the unraid web interface it had a red X by the parity disk. And says it's disabled. Have read some other threads, saying that their device might be offline since. They could not perform any SMART tests. But mine seems to do it just fine. So I decided to run a parity check. And it just passed without any errors. But still reports as disabled. What should I do about it? 

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A week ago I was having write-speed issues on a drive (per this thread). I replaced cables on that drive & party.  Also started converting some drives to xfs.   Things seemed to be ok except for the parity red 'x'.  I had unassigned the parity drive, starting array, stopping, then reassigning, but it's back to red. 


Today ran a smart test which was good.  Just executed the Trust the Parity process & the parity started rebuilding.  It first gave green ball & says the parity-sync in progress, then "Parity disk in error state", then "Parity sync / Data rebuild finished (0 errors)" but "canceled" under Description.  Next to the parity it lists 736 Writes and 296 Errors. The parity check is no longer progressing and have the red 'x'.


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54 minutes ago, Fffrank said:

736 write errors means the cabling is likely bad or the drive is dying.  Unraid puts the brakes on and disables that drive it it starts seeing that many errors.


A single unrecoverable write error is all that is required to disable a disk, since that disk is out-of-sync with parity at that point.

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After trying New Config again, it maintained all my drive assignments, but the parity was blank and my drive was not listed as available.  I rebooted (with array still stopped) & all assignments were lost, so I reassigned them as the were & started the array.  Parity now has orange triangle and is running parity rebuild.


Already changed the cable but if this fails, I think I have an extra SATA port, so I'll try switching the parity to that.


The diagnostics I attached was after a reboot, so probably not useful.  If the rebuild fails, I'll post that diag.  Thanks.

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Even the short SMART test is failing: "read failure"


SMART Extended Self-test Log Version: 1 (1 sectors)
Num  Test_Description    Status                  Remaining  LifeTime(hours)  LBA_of_first_error
# 1  Short offline       Completed: read failure       90%      1047         5661095093
# 2  Short offline       Completed: read failure       90%      1033         5661095093
# 3  Short offline       Completed without error       00%        50         -
# 4  Extended offline    Aborted by host               50%        50         -



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