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Hey guys.  Got my Unraid server up and running and I'm loving it.  Here's my current setup:  I have a gaming PC in my office connected to my 1440p Freesync monitor.  It is a Ryzen 3900X on an Gigabyte X570 motherboard with a RX 5700XT video card.  My Unraid server is running on a separate machine in the basement.  Would it be possible to move my gaming machine to the basement and turn that into my Unraid server and then game in my office by building a cheap, tiny PC like an Asrock deskmini or an Intel NUC and accessing the gaming VM off my Unraid server?  Would Freesync even work for something like that?  I'm assuming that gaming on a VM over my network would probably not be ideal but I thought I'd see if it's even doable.  Thought it would be awesome to relocate all my hardware to the basement and just have a tiny system in my office.

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would a super cool thing to do but at least with my tries so far, remoting into the vm even on the same network no where smooth enough to game on,  so you would need a creative way to connect to your gpu directly. 

I do recall seeing an old LTT video where Linus has his pc in the server rack ( in a closet in the room) and wires a thunderbolt between the walls and connect it to a doc to his station, I would imagine thats a lot more feasible to do between closet and room and one wall compared to different floors ... 

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In your case - convert GamingPC into unRAID server, for testing purpose, You need just 1x USB drive and 1x HDD/SSD for Array.


More complicated step is running Thunderbolt cable from basement.
Why Thunderbolt? 
You need high-bandwith video transfer for your 1440p(at 144Hz it uses ~16Gbit/s),  and it also will provide USB 3.x for your peripherals(mouse, keyboard, audio, usb storage).
Unfortunately, it will cost (LinusTechTips has it working, so You should check them out). It requires special Thunderbolt 3 cables that will be around 10-20meters and a Thunderbolt3 docking station with external power supply. 
Why everything must be special? ;)

Normal USB-C cables will die after 0.5 meter, active Thunderbolt3 after 2-3 meters and optical works up to 60 meters, but they do not transmit power.
Linus has or had optic cables with some "crazy" docking station.
Better way would be finding hiding-place closer to your desk, to be able to use cheaper cables and docking stations.


As it was mentioned, there is a Parsec App - low latency remote connection.

CraftComputing on YT has a few vids, from when he was building CloudGamingServer, showing how it works and how to configure it.

Of course, in this case You would need low-power PC in your office, as You mentioned.
It has some limits, like max 60FPS and a recommendation to not use Freesync and G-Sync.

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