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So I haven't actually bought a graphics card for maybe 10+ years and don't do gaming at all but have a Supermicro server with X8DTI-F-P motherboard, dual Xeon x5690 and 64gb ddr3 which is mainly used for Plex and a few different VMs.


Can I use add something like a GeForce GTX 1650 and use it to Transcode plex and also passthru to VMs at same time.


I only have 2u chassis so guessing it will have to be low profile card.


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GTX 1660 is about 10% better than an older GTX 1060.  Still capable of some light 1080P Gaming.  if gaming isnt your thing, then the encode / decode features of the 1660 over the 1030 would be worth it.


I'm in the same boat as you right now. I had an RX570 in my new server that just let go after 5 days ( 2nd hand card ) threw in an RX550 for now. But I'm leaning towards Nvidia now for the container pass thru / transcoding benifits. I guess it comes down to cost and use case. Parts are expensive right now with current world events.


1030 would probably be good enough, though 1660 would give you some more head room. maybe even look into the 1650?

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I picked up a GTX 1650 low profile as it will fit in my 2u case... Should come by weekend

I probably could have waited a few weeks or even a month or so but got bit restless and been wanting to add a GPU for for awhile.

Need to do some reading before then to see how to install the nvidia version, I thought it was just a CA plugin

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6 minutes ago, bally12345 said:

I thought it was just a CA plugin

You do need to install the Unraid Nvdia plugin, but, from within that plugin you need to download and install the associated special build of unRAID that contains the Nvidia drivers.  Always update unRAID through the plugin as the normal unRAID update mechanism will install vanilla unRAID without Nvidia drivers.

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Got the card plugged in and checked the nvidia plugin settings and its detected.



GPU is the first larger red box and the LSI card for my backplane in the bottom. I am assuming this is correct.




The only issue I have now is I cant RDP to my Win10 VM, I changed the setting for Graphics card from VNC to NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 but I cannot connect to the VM using RDP do I need to add ROM BIOS or do I need to get dummy HDMI dongle as nothing is plugged into the card?



Followed SI video on YT for Plex set up and confirmed transcoding working correctly.


Looks like I can't do both at same time.



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