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Hello all,


I'm going for my first UnRAID build and have a few questions. I want low power and ECC RAM, so Ryzen makes sense to me. However, I've been reading that Ryzen support seems like an evolving thing. So, before I pull the trigger on a buy, I have a few questions...


My use case:

  • NAS - main use
    • NextCloud file server for home and remote
    • Media storage for PleX
    • Backup site for home machines
  • PleX (1 stream @ 1080p)
    • Sonarr/Radarr/Jackett in dockers
  • VMs
    • Windows Server 2016 for AD and RADIUS
    • Ubuntu Server for DUO Auth Proxy
    • Windows 10 for Blue Iris


I would like to ideally use a Ryzen 5 3600g and rely on the APU for plex transcoding instead of adding in a GPU. Will UnRAID support this?


Can anyone recommend a 3rd Gen Ryzen motherboard that works well?


And does anyone have feedback on Plink server chassis? I'm currently eyeing up this one.





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Hey there, Ryzen 3600 doesn't have integrated graphics, So it not an APU it's just a CPU.  Only the 200GE, Ryzen - 3000G, 2200G, 2400G, 3200G and 3400G are APU's. You can still do CPU trans-coding and if your sticking to 1080P and under, on a single stream you'll be fine. Providing your dockers and VM's arnt hogging all your resources. 


You will still need a video card at least for your initial UnRaid configuration and you will need a video card for your VM's unless you run them headless (don't quote me on that one) i think this might be based on your requirements for the VM.


Personally i went with a Ryzen 1600AF and i too had my concerns with AMD and UnRaid. But it looks like they have come along way. I haven't been plagued by any of the older issues that were present. Make sure you do your research with Ram speeds and Rank for motherboard and CPU compatibility. There a lot of good articles buried on here with helpful tips on these selections.


i went with a B450 chipset on my motherboard, if i had my pick again i would have gone for an x470 / x570 for extra Pci-e lanes. Again you'll need to check for CPU / EEC memory compatibility, speed rank etc.


**Edit** just to clarify, some motherboards Will require a GPU to boot with Ryzen CPU's - YMMV

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