unraid forces itself onto FQDN and will not work on IP address

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So it's been an issue for a long time but I've dealt with it using jumpboxes etc, but lately I've been accessing it over vpn a lot more and don't fancy leaving pc on all day just to act as a jump box for unraid access.


So, right now everytime I try and access my unraid web portal from any device on network, I am forced and redirected to unraid.local fqdn  (http, https is disabled atm afaik), not a major issue, pihole deals with .local as expected and queries local tables for it and resolves.


Issue then becomes that over vpn tun (ovpn) can access any of  other resources just fine but can't get web portal to work because it can't handle .local resolutions, I could probably fix with hosts but would prefer to get unraid into a previous state where it accepted IP address as an acceptable portal address.





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haha, yeah it was that, sorry for assuming, and yes, I remember Easter Mondays of keeping close eye on my Father as he might just walk into living room with a bucket of cold water and toss it over you. Stay safe, and thanks again.

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