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I have been struggling with "disappearing shares" for a long time now. About year ago I used Ubuntu (Gnome) and didn't have any problems, then I switched to Manjaro KDE and problems started, I had to switch Samba shares to NFS shares because of many problems.


If I wanted to check mediainfo from movie file, KDE (Samba) started to transfer that movie file to my PC and only after completed transfer mediainfo was opened. Switching to NFS solved that problem.

At same time "disappearing shares" problem started, and in that point I thought it would be KDE related problem.

Few days ago I formatted my PC and switched to Manjaro Gnome version, but problem didn't go away. So actually that problem might be unRAID or linux related, not that specific desktop environment.


All shares will be mounted without any problem during boot. Shares stay visible if I won't modify/add/delete any file trough my PC.

When I do so, folder will show up empty and I have to refresh folder to see files. At same time I will lose access to "root folder" of share, but I still have access to all subfolders.


I can't access mounted share "/media/movies/" but if I go directly to subfolder "/media/movies/action" everything works normally in subfolders.

If I try to access mounted share "/media/movies" I will get error message:

Unhandled error message: Error when getting information for file "/-media/movies": Stale file handle


Only way to fix problem is unmount shares trough terminal or reboot.


With KDE error messages was little bit different, can't remember exactly but it was something like "no such file or directory"

KDE also was trickier to unmount, I had to use sudo umount -l /media/movies. Without -l it didn't do anything because "directory is busy" error.


PC OS: Manjaro Gnome 19.0.2

unRAID: 6.8.3 with Samba shares

Shares are mounted trough /etc/fstab

Mount paremeters: //        /media/Movies        cifs    guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8    0    0


Let me know if you need any logs or more information.

My knowledge about linux is limited (only some basics), so problem might be in my settings also.


BTW: English is not my native language, so hope you get idea of problem :)

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