unRAID Server release 4.2-beta1 available


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There's a few rough edges and we're still writing documentation, but I thought I'd go ahead and release the first beta of the 4.2 release.


Main features of this release are:

- full User share support

- User level security

- upgrade to latest linux kernel (

- upgrade to latest Samba (3.0.25b)


There's also a new boot menu which gives you the ability to boot into a nice memory tester.


There are some other features which will be enabled in future beta releases.


Also, sorry to disappoint you NFS guys, but sorry, no NFS support in this release; will have to wait for -beta2 or -beta3.


Some documentation describing User level security and User shares is here.



unRAID Server 4.2-beta1 Release Notes

Upgrade Instructions
If you are currently running unRAID server 4.1, please copy the following files from the new release to the root of your Flash device:

If you want to be able to select and run "Memtest86" (a stand-alone memory tester) from a new boot menu, please also copy these files from the new release to the root of your Flash device:

This can be done either by plugging the Flash into your PC or, but copying the files to the 'flash' share on your running server.  The server must then be rebooted.

If you are currently running unRAID Server 3.0-beta1 or higher, please follow these steps to upgrade:

1. Referring to the System Management Utility 'Main' page, make a note of each disks's model/serial number; you will need this information later.

2. Shut down your server, remove the Flash and plug it into your PC.

3. Right-click your Flash device listed under My Computer and select Properties.  Make sure the volume label is set to "UNRAID" (without the quotes) and click OK.  You do NOT need to format the Flash.

4. Copy the files:
from the new release to the root of your Flash device.

5. Right-click your Flash device listed under My Computer and select Eject.  Remove the Flash, install in your server and power-up.

6. After your server has booted up, the System Management Utility 'Main' page will probably show no devices; this is OK, navigate to the 'Devices' page. Using the model/serial number information gathered in step 1, assign each of your hard drives to the correct disk slot.

7. Go back to the 'Main' page and your devices should appear correctly.  You may now Start the array.

If you are installing this release to a new Flash, please refer to instructions on our website at:


Changes from 4.1 to 4.2-beta1
Improvement: added users and passwords support

Improvement: full User Share support

Improvement: added buttons to the Main page to immediately spin up or spin down all the hard drives.  Also moved "Clear Disk Statistics" button to the Main page.

Bug fix: Fixed code assertion bug handling disk errors.

Misc: upgrade to linux kernel.

Misc: upgrade to Samba 3.0.25b.  Note: after upgrading to this version of Samba, some users have reported that even though they can see their shares, Windows reports that the share is not accessible.  This can be remedied by re-booting your Windows PC.

Misc: added "-p port" option to emhttp executable to change the port that the System Management Utility listens to from the default '80'.

Misc: added a boot menu with option to start "Memtest86+" - an open source x86 system RAM test suite.  Refer to http://www.memtest.org/

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Just downloaded it and been fixing up my user accounts and shares. Very nice work!


This makes it a LOT easier to handle users etc than the way I mentioned in previous posts of mine. Probably the only thing now I'd like, is for ssh to be installed by default instead of telnet, and the ssh files (/etc/ssh) to be on the flash drive rather than /etc, but apart from that minor addition, thank you!!


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Hey guys, i messed up with this release.  I was running 4.1 fine, i upgraded to the new beta and everything seemed fine.  Then i clicked on enable security or something like that but i did this before i created any users.  Now it is asking for a user name and password to even get to the config pages so im kinda locked out.. Any ideas?  I should have left well enough alone but i always like to try the latest.



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