Binhex Plexpass failed to update now broken?

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9 minutes ago, Squid said:

Switch to advanced view (top right).  There's probably an orphan there.  Delete it and plex again.  Then Apps - Previous Apps and reinstall

OK to confirm delete the app from the "main" screen and then reinstall? i have a feeling its going to fail as for some reason i cannot install any apps currently. 

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Just now, Squid said:

It's your cache pool causing you issues.  It appears to me that one of the members died / dropped offline

Its funny you mention that i just ran a smart report on the drives as i can see the temp of 1 of the SSD's but not the other. I can get a smart report out of one but not the other. they are both mirrored so pulling/disabling one of the drives should solve this and replace drive? If its a dropped drive im not having much luck had a WD red fail on me a week ago and had to replace this. 

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3 minutes ago, Randall8686 said:

hmmm im going with SSD failed. just stopped the array and now cannot see one of the SSD's to start the array i need to "stat will remove the missing cache disk and then bring the array online" will this cause any issues ? 



It is always possible it dropped offline for some reason, and that power cycling the server will get it back.

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