[SOLVED] Nvidia GPU Passthrough High GPU Usage YouTube stutter

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Hey good day.


I have been messing around with Unraid and GPU pass through for about a week now.....there was a steep learning curve but I get the basics now with a lot of trial and error. I am hooked. Unraid ticks all the boxes.


I wanted to pass along one issue that I ran up against and simple fix. Let me start that with gaming I was having no issues. Nearly identical to bare metal. Actually the goal was to do 2 gamers 1 PC. 


The 1 thing I could not accept was video playback in Chrome. Specifically YouTube. I kept getting stutters and I thought something was configured wrong and searched and tried what felt like a million different combinations of settings.


I got desperate and started thinking it might not be Unraid so just focused on windows and bingo....I ran across a Reddit thread that got me looking at this a different way.


One symptom was that the GPU was running at like 50-80% with very little open.....after monitoring the GPU clock it was sticking to 300 MHz during light loads.....I loaded into bare metal and noticed that it would ramp up and down more appropriate to the load.


To fix/band-aid the issue I changed a bunch of settings but ultimately came down to changing 1 setting in the NVIDIA Control Panel under Manage 3D settings. Changing the power management mode from Optimal power to Prefer maximum performance. Then rebooting. Unless I rebooted the VM it didn't seem to do anything.


There is one drawback....The GPU is always at 1365.0 MHz and drawing 33 watts.


I wanted to share so maybe someone smarter then me knows how to control this "Governor" and in the right direction for a better fix.


Hope this helps.


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