Issues related to x570 and Ryzen 3000

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Hi everyone,


Unraid 6.8.3
I have an Asus x570-e motherboard with Ryzen 3950X CPU. Last version of the BIOS is installed. My graphic card for unraid to boot is GT 710 and then I have a 2070 super to passthrough to VM. The VM is Windows 10 64bit.


I already encountered the following issues and would like to know if there is any other solution or workaround that does not require messing up with Kernel, which is something totally unfamiliar for me and I'm afraid touching it would likely just make things worse.


> Temperatures are not detected by Dynamix Plugin. I found in the forums that again changing the kernel may fix this problem, but there should be another way to access at least the temps detected by the motherboard bios, right? I need some peace of mind that the CPU is not running hot 24/7.

> Onboard sound Matisse causes VM to crash, Unraid goes unresponsive and an ungraceful reboot is required.

> Mouse and keyboard have to be attached and dettached using the hotplug plugin in order to have them working everytime I start the VM.

> No way to control the motherboard lights with Aura sync. The software just won't open from the VM, and if I install the Armoury Crate instead, it won't detect any compatible device. Dettaching and attaching the Aura USB controller doesn't change anything.


Thanks in advance for your support. Not sure if this had to go to the Bugs forum or the general support. Sorry if I posted it in the wrong place.

Kind Regards.

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  • Temp support is driver and kernel dependent. Basically if it works (or not work) then it is what it is. You can try 6.9.0 beta, which has 5.x kernel, to see if it helps. Set the fan curve in your mobo BIOS and then trust it to do its job.
  • Not all hardware devices can be passed through. I remember the X570 onboard audio is in the "cannot" category.
  • What mouse and keyboard are you using? Some wireless ones just don't like the libvirt virtual USB so the only solution is to pass through a USB controller. Highly unusual for wired input device to be a problem.
  • Mobo RGB controll has never worked and unless someone puts in the effort to develop something, it will continue to be the case. Since it's cosmetic, don't expect anything from Limetech. You can only control it with the BIOS (i.e. prior to boot) and that's it.




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