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Preclear and Formatting

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Xeon  Dual E5-2630v2, 128g ram.  How many drives can i Preclear and/or Format at once ??  12Tb drives take over 30 days to Preclear cycle 1 of 3. 4 days pre-read, 4 days zeroing, 4 days post-read.

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I'll leave the "format" question aside since format is something else entirely and should take less than a minute. I am guessing you have a vague idea of what format does.


As for preclear, it can take a while, but there is no way it should take that long. You almost certainly have a hardware problem, such as bad connection.


Go to Tools - Diagnostics and attach the complete Diagnostics ZIP file to your NEXT post.

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Looks like you're having the same problem as this thread:

Not sure if this could affect preclear or not but it has been spamming your log.


Why do you have 75G allocated to docker image? Have you had problems filling it? 20G should be more than enough. Also, your appdata has files on the array instead of all on cache as it should.

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Posted (edited)

Just as a point of reference I'm preclearing four 10 Tb drives right now, it's taken about 18 hrs per each of the first two cycles, about halfway through the final read now. So likely about 2 1/4 days in total. i7 8700k, LSI 9201-16e and sata, 10 drives in existing array, running all dockers and VMs while preclearing.

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12 hours ago, x88dually said:

This is like this with 2 12Tb drives so far.

I'm on v6.8.0


Heres the diag file

tower-diagnostics-20200507-1903.zip 162.87 kB · 2 downloads

The script will pause and try to kill any instances of smartctl and hdparm programs that take longer than 30 seconds running. Since your computer have zombie processes of those programs, the script keeps trying to kill them. Just a reboot will fix that.


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