Unraid Video drivers for X10SL7-F

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Hello everybody.


A quick query if I may. I've noticed that when I'm attempting to manipulate the Unraid GUI on my Supermicro X10SL7-F, the screen update is painfully slow.

I'm talking about using a monitor plugged directly into the onboard VGA output which I think is "Aspeed", when accessing the GUI remotely on another device there is no such problem. I seem to remember this occurring some time ago, maybe a year ago, after an Unraid update. I'm now running the latest 6.83.

Does anybody know of this problem or have a solution please?


Update! I'm now almost certain this is a driver issue. Ive added an old graphics card I had laying about (Gforce 6300 LE from memory) and the Unraid GUI now flys along. Obviously I would prefer not to have to add a separate graphics card so if anybody has the answer to installing the Aspeed driver then that woulkd be very helpful.


Many Thanks.🙂

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