Shipping server via seafreight


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We are relocating in around 2 months and sending our household goods ahead of us via seafreight including my unraid server.


Has anyone got any recommendations for packing/protecting the server?


So far I will remove any pci cards and usb sticks. I did consider removing the HDDS but they are firmly secured inside the server already. But if there is anything anybody else would recommend or has experienced, I would appreciate the advice.



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Ashe, I would remove the drives from the Fractal 804 and layer them surrounded by foam cut to size in a protective case like this one (or something similar):

Leaving them in the case is one thing I am doubting, I have looked at these cases before so I think you're right

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Remove the CPU heatsink. That large mass of metal will reek havoc if it gets loose. I've seen one total everything inside the case, no circuit board or connector was spared.

That's a good shout, I hadn't even thought about that

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