Bad USB drives / kernel panics - this is a rant

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I know there are a lot of posts on bad USB drives on here, just basically getting rid of some frustration.


I've had my build up for close to a year now.  In that time I have not been able to once (ok, I lie, I've had 3 successes) do a clean shutdown or a clean reboot of my system.  Honestly, every single time I bring it down, I get a kernel panic on startup.

Then I have to, build a new key (annoying my wife because I have to use her windows laptop, I've only got Macs and the USB creator doesn't work anymore)

Copy my last backed up config to the drive.

Start up and let it run through a whole new parity check.

Today it was LZMA is corrupt, a hard reboot of the system and kernel panic.  

I'm always on the latest version.  6.8.3 in this case. 

I've run a 48hour memtest+.  No issues.


The thing is I'm not learning from my mistakes.

I can't remember in which forum I read this, but the key to doing a backup of the flash drive, is to do it when the array is stopped, this stops the array from wanting to do a parity check after my unclean shutdowns.

Also:  This Sandisk Cruzer Blade of mine must be corrupt, so today I dug an old 4GB unknown name USB from a drawer and I moved my licence.... I'll have to see how it holds up.

Interestingly, I had a look at the config file in my now corrupted boot up disk.  What went wrong with that?  This is maybe one for the devs:

My cache disk assignment was all wrong in it.  I have 2 disks in a raid 0 (don't hate me, I needed the space), but the assignment shows only one disk and it puts the second one in unassigned devices.


Rant over.  I'm thinking I should just never shut it down again.

Ps.  My shutdown procedure:

- disable docker service.

- spin down array

- check open files for anything blocking

- reboot


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