Unassigned Devices - Managing Disk Drives and Remote Shares Outside of The Unraid Array


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New release of UD.  Changes: When changing the mount point (which is also the share name), the mount point is checked for a duplicate of a user share or another UD device.  Samba cannot handle

While I appreciate your interest in esthetics, there is more to consider than just 'aligning' disk drive mounts: This disk is mounted without a UD script, it is probably better to put it in th

<step on soap box> Keep in mind that the Unraid array disk configuration is static and doesn't change until it is stopped.  UD has to deal with hot plugged disks, devices being dynamically

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53 minutes ago, frakman1 said:

How come the Utilization bar is not populated in the Dashboard but is populated in the Main tab?

The UD plugin only manages the 'Unassigned Devices' tab.  The Dashboard is stock Unraid and not managed by UD,

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54 minutes ago, dlandon said:

The UD plugin only manages the 'Unassigned Devices' tab.  The Dashboard is stock Unraid and not managed by UD,

There are many plugins that add to the Dashboard. The Plex Streams plugin is just one example. It has it's own Tab as well as a Dashboard widget



Are you saying that you can't add to the UD widget in the Dashboard or that you don't want to (which is fine if that's the case)?



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I think I know the answer to this question but I'm a noob at this and just wanted to make sure.


I have an encrypted LUKS disc in a USB enclosure that I created with OMV (Open Media Vault). I thought I could just plug it into my Unraid box and it would show up as encrypted, then enter the passphrase in Unassigned Devices etc. But it shows up as a new disc with no padlock and the only option is to format it.


The file system on the OMV disk is ext4 so is that the reason? For Unraid it needs to be xfs or btrfs?




Unraid 6.8.3

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RE: Backup of some folders in unraid array to unassigned hard drives:


My unraid is at home.  As a backup stategy, I am thinking after backing up certain folders in the array to the UD drives, I would remove the UD drives and take them to store at my work place.   I was thinking  a full backup once a year, and incremental backups every 3 months.  


Should I use urbackup docker?  Or do it from Windows 10 using Macrium Reflect?  Or other recommendation?  Thanks.

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3 minutes ago, xrqp said:

Should I use urbackup docker?

Why not use the backup script in the fist post of this thread?  It can be modified to include as many shares/folders/disks as you want.  I use it to backup 4 shares to a 14TB external USB drive which is formatted NTFS so in the worst case, it can also be accessed via Windows.

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