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Issues getting FreeNas running as VM

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First post on here¬†ūüĎč

I am having issues getting into the install of FreeNas. I get past the first boost screen, but right as it starts to load the installer, locks up ( and throws one of the cores assigned to the VM at 100% )


I have tried what I think is every possible Bios / Machine version in the settings. No mix of config gets me any further. I have tried many versions of FreeNas, even the recently released and TrueNas 12.0... no difference.

I already have many other Vms that work with no issues (five W10, Win Server 2019, openfiler, Synology OS) So I have no issues with my Unraid setup in that regard.


I can put my XML here if needed... but honestly, I just use the FreeBSD preset, only thing I customize is the CPU Pinning and the combo for Bios and Machine.

My system is an AMD TR 2970WX (24 core) - 64GB ram - Asrock X399 Pro Gaming Motherboard.


If there is anyone that has this running, did you have any issues getting it going? Thank you!



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1 hour ago, tjb_altf4 said:

Same issue here on another BSD distro, solution posted in there 


thanks for the find!

unfortunately I have hit another snag, but its at least moved past the first part and started loading the installer. I will research and tinker some tomorrow. I work nights and need to get to bed, had to give it a try though. super excited there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

getting there.PNG

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