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Hi everyone this is my first post here!


I built my new server, here are the specs:

cpu: 3900x

mb: X570 taichi

gpu: MSI 1080 Sea Hawk EK


I configured my windows machine in a NVME so i can boot from bare metal whenever i need to, followed spaceinvader's guide about it. Before switching to unraid i extracted my GPU bios and edited the part as the GPU passthrough guide says. Then in my unraid  made the setup for my Win VM assigning 8c/16t that i previously pinned in settings and 16G of ram.

So for settings I went with:

Bios:  OVMF (with seabios I can't boot from NVME) 

Machine: Q35 4.2 (as I was reading that it was newer and faster than i440fx)

USB: 3.0 


So GPU passthrough seemed to work great, but the machine randomly freeze and from unraid all the assigned 16c were at 100% load. Switching to VNC gives the same result, after a while the system play a sound of usb removal and freeze. I managed to replicate the error, going to "Device manager" and scanning for new hardware the machine freezes all the times. With VNC i could see the BSOD error code, 0x00000113-VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR, i also tried previous versions of Q35 but it makes no difference.


So i switched to i440fx, with VNC it's working fine, no problems when scanning new devices, but i can't passthrough my GPU, it just gives a black screen, i also tried older versions of i440fx with the same result.


I tried to tail on syslog and to monitor vm logs but there are no errors so i'm a little lost here. Is there any way to see a more detailed log? 


Thank you for your help!


PS, sorry for my bad english!




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To follow up on this, i managed to get i440fx working, it was just a matter of wrong boot priority.


Now i have a working vm, and so far it seems pretty stable, also tried some gaming (doom eternal) on it and it's performing flawlessly. Then i installed Forza Horizon 4 from microsoft store and it's crashing on start. I also tried cpu-z and it's crashing on Processors, HwInfo64 is working but i can't see any info on the cpu. 


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