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Hey guys, hopefully this is the right place for this, but I would like some feedback on what I plan to move from a "real" pc over to a VM.


Right now I've got a main unraid server and am using the trial for what I'm calling the backup server. Right now they are using Syncthing to back up important data from the main server.


Sadly, my office closet gets a bit too hot for the main 24 drive server to sit in there any more. Even with my intake and exhaust fans the temp is just too high.


So, the main server will get moved into the equipment rack upstairs where the HTPC is sitting and I'm thinking of moving the HTPC to a VM and passing through the video card so HA still works. The guides I've found are pretty straight forward so this should be pretty easy.


Along with the backup server in the closet is my Sophos PC that runs the network. I'm considering putting that into a VM since the backup server will pretty much never get turned off. If I have to I can just use my Unfi USG in place since it's doing DHCP anyway. That way if I do have to power down the backup server I'll still have internet.


I've searched the forums and have seen some advice about not putting the main router on a VM for what I've outlined above. Server off = internet off. What are the thoughts around this? This backup server will also house various other VMs I need for work and Home Assistant so it's will be considered critical. Two NICs will be passed through to Sophos.


What else should I consider before starting? Is this even a good plan? Anybody have any success doing something similar?


I'm really just trying to get away from having 4 PCs when I could have two do all the work considering the hardware available in both.

Thanks in advance.

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