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A container for explain shell to run on your server (as a self hosted alternative to using the explainshell website.)

What is it?

Not everyone, especially people new to Linux and Unraid, know what a command that they type will actually do. Especially when reading online commands to type into their servers.
So just paste the command into the search box and click explain and explainshell will breakdown the command explaining what each part does.

Quite a useful tool.

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Hi SpaceInvaderOne


Another outstanding contribution !

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes -


Can you please do a tutorial on creating and publishing a docker container start to finish, for unraid.


Its such a fab part of the Unraid Server I would be really interested to see somebody walk us through a deployment from start to finish. Nothing overly complex just a simple one!


What do you recon?


Thanks dgs2001

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