Slow NIC speeds

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Asrock Q1900-ITX with J1900 processor

Realtek RTL8111GR


1x12 TB parity

2x10TB + 1x12TB hd storage

No cache drive

Unraid 6.8.3

Gigabit Fiber ISP


I'm new to unraid, and have had a great experience so far except my NIC speeds are prohibitively slow.  NZBGet typically downloads ~ 10 MB/s.  I ran a speedtest with my docker service disabled to prevent overloading cpu/ram.  CPU was ~10% at idle, and tons of free ram:



I then plugged my old Thinkpad into the same lan cable, and repeated the speedtest:



Any idea how to fix this slow NIC speed?  I ran windows/linux/xpenology on this box in the past.  Most recent was xpenology, and it would download ~90MB/s on NZBGet.  Have never had any issues with the NIC being slow like this, which makes me think that maybe the driver support for my Realtek nic is possibly really terrible?

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Can any insightful people offer an opinion, please? I moved forward and purchased an unraid license because I liked the software.  But still suffer with the slow speeds.


My motherboard has one pcie x1 slot.  I’m considering buying an Intel EXPI9301CTBLK Nic to drop in there.  That said, I don’t want to blindly buy a NIC, if that isn’t the real problem.   

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On 7/24/2020 at 8:00 AM, said:

Just wan slow or LAN transfers also? Did you run an iperf test?

Only the WAN is slow.  LAN is testing normally with iperf between unraid server and my hardwired laptop.  I added an Intel gigabit pci nic to rule out issues with the onboard realtek nic.  I also reran diagnostics and attached them after the new hardware was added.  Anything else I can try?





I tried to test iperf speed between my unraid box and a public iperf test server.  Results looked good- see below.  Then I thought maybe my usenet provider was the culprit, so I installed Transmission linuxserver container, and downloaded the latest Ubunutu release.  I clocked 25-27 MB/s.  Still far slower than 80+MB/s I was getting when running synology software on the same hardware, but a huge step in the right direction. Thoughts?




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