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I have been trying to eliminate call trace issues on my server and have read through lots of info on the forum. Original post


After a bunch of issues I was able to get things working better. Now I have br0 up and running on one NIC and br2 running on a second NIC.


br0 is the UNRAID network and I have a static IP set for it in pfSense, which is working well.


Following a forum thread I set br2 up with it's IP set to none. I then set my docker network to use br2 and gave it a DHCP pool and that's working perfectly. My VMs are also on br2.


I would like to have a static IP set for br2 within pfSense so that I can add it to an Alias but nothing on br2 network shows up in the DHCP lease section of pfSense. All of the br2 IPs assigned are accessible over the LAN without issue but do not show up in my DHCP leases.


Should I assign an IP address to br2 to do what I am wanting or something else? Any ideas? Thanks for reading!

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Shorter version:


I currently have docker assigned to br2, which has its own NIC and I manually designate IP addresses to containers from the DHCP pool range I set in the docker settings page.


If I change the network setting for br2 from IPv4 address assignment: None to IPv4 address assignment: Static will it mess up my current docker network which utilizes br2? 

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I went ahead and assigned br2 a static IP address. My hope was to add the br2 static IP to an Alias in pfSense and then use that to route that traffic through a VPN. Kind of like if the docker containers were using Host as their network and Host was being router through a VPN.


Unfortunately, that plan does not do what I intended. It works fine but the dockers using br2 do not get router through the VPN as if they were on Host network.


I've managed to just manually give IPs to each container and then add those IPs to the pfSense alias and it works fine.


I'm not sure how some of this works but I thought with br2 on its own NIC that you could sort of replicate the Host network behavior on the docker containers.

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