The New Tardis—Its way bigger on the inside

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I decided while I was on lockdown to build my third unraid box, and that overkill was just a word. So this is what I am building (98% built hardware wise at post, 20% implementation).


  • Case - Phanteks 719 (Luxe 2, renamed for trademark reasons; BIG case)
  • CPU - Threadripper 2950x (wanted third gen, but couldn’t stomach the doubling of cost for CPU and MB and 16/32 is still a lot of power)
  • MB - Designare X399 by Gigabyte (reviews were positive, posts indicated much improvement over time due to updates)
  • RAM - 64GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200 (cannot [yet?] run at 3200, still tweaking for highest stable speed)
  • PS - Seasonic 850 Titanium Prime (hope I didn’t underpower the system with 850)
  • Cooler - Enermax LiquiTech 360 II TR4 (hope I got one without the problems, options for AIO and TR4 full coverage were slim)
  • Case Fans - Hodgepodge of Noctua and Deep Cool RGB (Still haven’t made RGB light up, need extension cable)
  • GPU 1 - GeForce GX 710 (for unraid only)
  • GPU 2 - GTX 1050 TI (for Plex and other containers; also for VM until GPU 3 purchased)
  • GPU 3 - planned - RTX 2080 Super (for daily driver VM/dual boot)
  • HD - filling in - 6 x 10 12TB array; Single parity and one drive installed; Dual Parity planned
  • HD - at build time - salvaged 2x1TB (replaced) , 2TB and 3TB parity drives (for proof of concept only)
  • Cache - 1TB Sabrent NVMe
  • Plex SSD - 1TB Samsung 870 NVMe
  • VM SSD - dedicated - 2TB Inland Premium NVMe (dual boot capable, just so I can if need be)


I booted up in windows first to double check build quality. Found out that memory clocked to 3200 resulted in BSD’s. A little unhappy about that, but hoping I can tweak things and get back up to or close to posted speeds. Everything else worked out of the box, save the RGB aspects of the build. I needed (still need) some extension and “Y” cables to make everything light up.


Will post pics as soon as I get it lit up...


Now I start moving my services from the old unraid box (which will still serve as storage, and various non-taxing tasks) to the new box. This means actually figuring out how to organize my files, which despite all the hardware planning, I didn’t think about much.


Looking forward to finding new things to do with all the new horsepower.

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On 6/4/2020 at 10:30 AM, NicoSavides said:


I am new to unraid and look into making my first build.

I am curious, why did you separate cache SSD and Plex SSD? why do you need a dedicated space for plex?

thanks :)

I have a separate Plex drive because my plex files are about 300GB.

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