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10 TB WD RED NAS drive - $40 off at Newegg

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+ $40 off w/ promo code 93XPK57, limited offer


Normally $269, comes out to $230 after promo code


Limit 2 per customer/account


If you don't mind shucking external drives, and don't care about the slightly slower speed, this one is an even better deal:


10 TB for $190


The best deal that I'm finding today (in terms of price per GB) is the 8 TB version of that external drive:


8 TB for $140


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Months ago these babies were $159 all over the place. Amazon, Bestbuy, they all had back and forth sales. I'm waiting for the price gouging to stop and get back to reality so I can remove some of my older drives. I can't pay more then $159 for something that I've been always getting for that price. And these prices were all before the pandemic. I don't think there is a shortage of hard drive parts, just an abundance amount of greed.



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I got a "stack" of budgeted cash here, waiting to buy a bunch more Big Disks, after they stop playing around with pricing.

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