Why does unraid stop my dockers every morning at 2am?

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Very frustrating. No idea why it does this.


Here's the log from this morning at 2am. It eventually comes back on... 5-10 minutes later, but my server is connected to a 10gbe switch and serves over 10 people so random disruptions are pretty annoying. 


2020-06-06 02:00:07,581 WARN received SIGTERM indicating exit request
2020-06-06 02:00:07,582 DEBG killing plexmediaserver (pid 61) with signal SIGTERM
2020-06-06 02:00:07,583 INFO waiting for plexmediaserver to die
2020-06-06 02:00:07,592 DEBG 'plexmediaserver' stdout output:
Critical: libusb_init failed

2020-06-06 02:00:07,712 DEBG fd 8 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 140482693570224 for <Subprocess at 140482693568016 with name plexmediaserver in state STOPPING> (stdout)>
2020-06-06 02:00:07,712 DEBG fd 10 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 140482693568064 for <Subprocess at 140482693568016 with name plexmediaserver in state STOPPING> (stderr)>
2020-06-06 02:00:07,713 INFO stopped: plexmediaserver (exit status 0)
2020-06-06 02:00:07,713 DEBG received SIGCHLD indicating a child quit


Screenshot (733).png

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1 hour ago, danioj said:

Do you have CA Backup / Auto Update installed and set for 2am!? In order to backup / update Docker, CA has to stop them .

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Oh gosh, I'm so smart. Thanks. Do you know of any way to back up without stopping the containers? 

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No worries. We all come a cropper of the decisions we make at setup only to find those decisions impact smooth operation sometimes.

AFAIK there is no way of backing up without stopping. If there was I am sure the CA dev would have implemented it that way.

You could just let all users know that each day there will be downtime. I’d say your only way forward if you don’t want to do that though is to choose a time of day when you have least usage (maybe 5am) to limit impact. Or you could reduce the frequency of your backups.

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