No display on bootup but VM gpu passthru works fine (cannot access MoBo BIOS)

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   I'm having issues getting into the BIOS of my motherboard because there is nothing displayed on monitor. Unraid boots up with no issues and I can access my VMs thru the display without a problem. I only have this issue on the bootup. I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue so I'm stumped! Any help would be great, thanks. I can provide any info needed to help resolve this issue so just let me know what you need.

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24 minutes ago, acurunner79 said:

So I assumed that was the case originally but I've tried every port available. No video output at all! Only output I get is when I start my Windows VM.


My best guess is that the BIOS is broken for multiple GPU's. Check to see if your motherboard has an update available.

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Well, as in all IT troubleshooting, you need to break down the problem, eliminate variables and start with the smallest testable configuration.


A few things you can try;


1. Remove all GPUs leaving only onboard video, then boot with display attached there. You need to get into your bios and this will help you determine if your MB video is working etc.


2. Then add a single GPU and try that.


3. Reset your MB bios to return it to default settings.


Good luck!


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My next step would be to install virtual manager docker and add a vnc vga display device. Boot the vm and watch the virt manager display to see what’s happening with your vm. It’s possible that it’s going into recovery mode before gpu initialisation, or some such.

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