how do you get rid of Bionic Folding at Home banner top of unraid

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on one of my unraid servers.. the You can install either BOINC or FOLDING@HOME software on your server to let it help fight the spread of COVID-19. See HERE for more detail


cant be erased from the screen.. the X does nothing...  I have tried in IE and Chrome..  will not close   I cant get rid of the thing.. always pops up when I goto Fix Common issues

is there a CFG INI  file to edit to erase this 

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@Ken R.

from what i was told  you cant get rid of the ad at the top...  its built in the OS to force to stay up..

the only work around was  install bionc and then  disable it  have it not auto start...  if you uninstall bionic  the ad  at the top pops up  you cant click X  

its apparently part of the OS..

so that was my only work around as i was getting anoyed at it at the top as my little server  cant handle  doing bionc calculations etc


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First off, it only shows up when you're within fix common problems, not every where within the OS.


If you've got a problem with me putting up an unobtrusive banner when youre within the settings for one of my minor plugins simply because I happen to have a conscience then I dont care and my advice is to get over it.

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