Access Unraid from another VLAN

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Hi everyone, i recently switched from my old ISP provided router to a pfSense router following SpaceInvaderOne's guide. This is my configuration:

LAN: Unraid, VMs, Dockers and phones

IOT Vlan: iot stuff and smart tv

GUEST vlan: guests


So i now need to open a firewall route to pass traffic from an IOT ip (my smart tv) to a LAN ip (my plex docker), i still need to figure out the port range but i'll fine-tune later. After adding the rule to pfSense it was not working, i couldn't even ping unraid, so i tried to open an unraid VM ip and i can ping it.


So i guess there is a setting blocking unraid from being seen in another vlan, am i correct?


Thank you for your help


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