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Hey everyone,

I wanted to build a new UnRaid server with just VM's with GPU passed through. I would like to have 3 different VM's running at all times.  (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS)  I don't plan to use them all at once as I will be using a KVM switch for it.  Though at times I might want to run 3 Windows VM for very light gaming.  (Minecraft and Terriara type games... to play with my niece and nephew) or just 1 Windows VM for heavier gaming by myself.  I already have had an UnRaid server up and running for the last few years with VM's etc.  That will just become my data and Docker server from now on.  My question is what CPU/MOBO should I buy just for VM build?  I've looked at 3900x or 3950x but the PCI lanes concern me.  Is that something I should worry about?  Any suggestions on a processor I should get?  I'm willing to go up to 3950x price levels.  


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If you're going PCIE lanes, then yeah, Threadripper, EPYC, and LGA2011-3 are probably your best bets. If you want higher single thread ratings, then Threadripper will get you that. If you want solid ECC support and ability to go up to 64 cores, then EPYC would be great. If you want to save some money, get solid ECC support, and still have lots of cores, the Intel LGA2011-3 socket would be a good option. 

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