AMD gpu crashes entire server (Passtrough works)

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Hi all.

I have been using unRaid for years and have always been able to solve my problems
using the forum or watching the excellent content from SpaceInvaderOne.

But this time I cannot find a solution.

I have just purchased a new 5700XT (replacing my 1650 super) and installed it in my server.
I was aware of the reset-bug beforehand but as I never shut down my server, I decided
to live with it until a solution was found. 

Passtrough works great on Windows 10 ( Q35 4.2) using a vBios.
No performance or driver issues.


But when I want to stop/reboot the VM ( using Stop or Force from Unraid) or using (Reboot or shutdown from Windows)
the entire server crashes. Both GUI and SSH is not reachable. Power is still on.
Only solution is to hold down the power-button on the case. 

So I dont even get to experience the reset-bug and cannot use the script for resetting the GPU.

What have I tried..........well alot:

- New bios on MB
- Re-install of W10 on VM
- New config of unRaid.........from scratch
- Moving the GPU to another PCIE slot
- Changing VM settings........ram, machine type and so on. 

Any ideas what to do?

Thanks in advance. 


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