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Hi all,

Im building a new and improved network at home, i started looking into a more protected network instead of some hubs and all direct connections to the modem/router.
Now i want to check with someone that knows more about vlan/vlan membership groups etc then me.
I made a layout in excel based on my hardware and what i understand of the info/video's i found online.

Here we go...
The main goal is to route all my internet traffic (no wifi) through the unraid server and make use of the privoxy function in binhex delugevpn.
I exclude wifi since we don't really use wifi at home, its mainly used by guests.

The modem gateway =

Since the Unraid server will be the only device that would communicate directly to the internet i would put it on its own vlan. example 192.168.10.x  and use the gateway so it can communicate to the modem for internet access.

Then we have our wired connections for the pc's/tv's etc. Since all of those need to be able to communicate with eachother i would create a new vlan for example:
192.168.20.x and put in as gateway so it can communicate with unraid for internet access and be able to stream movies from the unraid server

The camera network should have no access to the internet, ive seen a video of spaceinvader about that.  Since i have a quad port NIC i would put that on a seperate port (eth1) Configure eth1 in unraid as and give the camera's static ip's /20/30/40

The access points i would prefer to connect straight to the internet without going through unraid, since its used 99% by guests.
I would make that vlan 192.168.50.x => Gateway

Then setup following vlan membership groups in the switch:
Vlan 1 (default): Port 1 only

Vlan 10 (unraid server): Port 1 + 3
Vlan 20 (Pc/Tv): Port 3+5+7+9+11
Vlan 30 (digital tv): Port 2+4+6+8

Vlan 40 (CCTV): Port 16+18+20+22

Vlan 50 (wifi access points): Port 1+21+23

Is this right? Or did i misunderstand something?



vlan 5.JPG

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